Creative minds for powerful images.

We create emotions, universes, stories, ...

... animated contents, 2D & 3D animation, visual effects, ...

... for all kind of support such as cinema, television and projection of video mapping !

Let's go !

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“The video will represent 90% of web traffic in 2017 !” Cisco System


 76% of advertisers plan to increase their video production” Social Media Examiner

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Corporate Video

Corporate Video

Do you want to emphasize your company, your brand, your products or have you a message to tell to the world ? We provide video packages with great Motion Design and cool graphics. Contact us for more info !

Catalogue Mapping

Our Catalogue of Projections Mapping in which you can discover all our universes for great price. I want to go further !

Atelier Mapping

Customized Project

Customized Project

Have you got precise and strong ideas of your project to come ? Or have you got some ideas you wish to share with us ? We can help you to develop your project together.  Let’s talk about your project !

Clients References

Luc Petit Creation

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The company

Why ?

Because nowadays the video as a way of communication is essential and necessary . Because we are passionnate since the very start and beyond, we brings together talented people who whish to imagine, create, and emphasize ideas, concepts and projects.

What ?

We are skilled in translating your message in images. We make videos for Projection Mapping, Advertising, in 2D and 3D Animations or Visual Effects for different kind of media and support such as television, cinema, objects or buildings.

Who ?

Founded in 2009, b71 is a studio based in Namur, Belgium. We provide visual solutions and animated contents. Our team has right skills to each project proceedings in order to provide solutions you need. We manage the pre-production, the making and the post-production.

Graphic Services

2D-3D Animation

We are able to start from the pre-production in creating concepts, layouts, story-boards, ... and to participate to your projects in creating assets, animations, characters, ...

Visual Effects

We provide special effects solutions for your advert, short or film. All the services you need to transform your ideas into an unique world.

Motion Design

With motion design technics, we can propose an interesting way to communicate your message, your products, your enterprise for interesting price. Check our products.

Key Values

We put a sense of honor to hold and communicate our key values : Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, Quality, Technology. There are our main axes that define all over the projects we work on.

Projection Mapping

Flagship product since 2010, the Projection Mapping dress your walls with light. We transform any objects or building into a new way to create shows !


Wether it be for television, cinema, internet or projection mapping, we provide your video in adapted formats.

Meet the Partners

Xavier Boeur
Xavier Boeur Project Manager
Xavier is the project manager, he is in charge of the customer contact and manage the external communication.
Julien Chandelle
Julien Chandelle R&D & Lead Compositor
Julien (alias Jimbiscuit) is in charge of the Research and Development and supervises the compositing.
Julien Gonsette
Julien Gonsette Design & Lead Animator
Julien (alias Zouk) is in charge of the visual communication, the graphic identity and supervises the animation.
Jean-François Nivart
Jean-François Nivart Business Coach & Councelor
Jean-François is a business coach of b71 and a great councelor.

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Meet the Artists

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Arnaud Yung

Arnaud Yung
Concept Artist

Amandine Godfroid

Amandine Godfroid
Concept Artist / Texturing

Matthieu Sautois

Matthieu Sautois
Concept Artist / Sculpting

Simon Di Notte

Simon Di Notte
Concept Artist / Animator

Yannick Decat

Yannick Decat
Concept Artist / Animator

Bertrand Willot

Bertrand Willot
Concept Artist / Modeling

Aurélien Tirtiaux

Aurélien Tirtiaux
Project Partner

Anthony Cabula

Anthony Cabula

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