MIRA - The Time Machine - Our outdoor VR product

Discover the first project @ Porte de Hal - 7th of May 2019 @ Brussels, Belgium


Compiègne dans la Grande Guerre / Video Mapping Show

9-10-11th of November 2018 @ Compiègne, France

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Exposition Génération 80 / Video Mapping & Interactive Solutions

From 22/09/2018 to 02/06/2019 @ Liège Guillemins, Belgium

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Fêtes de Wallonie / Video Mapping show

15/09/2018 @ Namur, Belgium

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Desperados Room

01/05/2018 @ Bozar Brussels, Belgium

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Coeur de Ville en Lumière 2017 / Video Mapping show

December 2017 @ Montpellier, France

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Augmented & Virtual Reality - AR/VR


Interactive Solutions

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Welcome to B71!

We provide Video Mapping, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other interactive solutions.
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We create animated contents for Video Mapping Shows, AR/VR solutions and much more !
      We provide AR/VR services.

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Interactive solutions available thanks to Video Mapping, AR & VR in 2D or 3D animations or with visual effects.

Nowadays, video, as a means of communication, is essential and necessary and it is by this way that we translate messages into images. We create videos for the Video Mapping, AR & VR Solutions  with 2D and 3D animations or with visual effects and this, for different types of medias or carriers, such as television, mobiles, tablets or objects and buildings.

Since 2009, the b71 studio specializes in creating animated content for the Video Mapping on any media. The Video Mapping has emerged as a new medium, a powerful digital tool operating on real carriers, a building, an object, a car and sublimating your walls with light! This is a new way to create shows, it is augmented reality in its own way.
Do you want to see your mascot move on your living room table or view and explore your architectural project on future building sites ? Explore new worlds or let discover the potential of your product ? We create immersive experiences in AR and VR for any kind of carrier.
We offer interactive solutions with various systems such as Microsoft Kinect, Intel RealSense or the Leap Motion. These solutions enable you for example to interact with a video or even with the latest technology trackers to adapt videos to moving objects. These interactive projects can fit into your events and thus provide 2.0 activities for your guests.
Specialized in animation, b71 clearly has the resources to create animations in 2D or 3D, like characters, elements, realistic or abstract sceneries, motion design, … Animation gives life to your projects!
3D modeling is the creation of objects, characters or digital sceneries. Using pictures and technology of photogrammetry, we also make highly realistic 3D objects, usually difficult to remake based on maps such as sculptures for example.
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Founded in 2009, b71 is a studio based in Liège in Belgium. Since then we have never put an end to our passion and we evolve in time always trying to go beyond the limits in order to actively contribute to a future where beauty meets technology. Our goal is to make you dream and to bring you together around innovative audiovisual shows. This is why we work with talented and passionate people who imagine, create and put focus on ideas, concepts and projects.


At b71, we believe that Art, Technology and Human Being coexist. We believe in a human adventure shaped by Art and Technology bringing people together. We would like to share our universe to immerse you into new audiovisual experiences and make you live new emotions.

B71 is a human story full of passion, experiences and emotions.

Meet our Creative Team

Xavier Boeur
Xavier Boeur Founder and CEO
Xavier is CEO and Project Manager, He takes care of the contact with our customers and manages the external communication.
Julien Gonsette
Julien Gonsette Founder, Communication and Marketing Manager
Julien is one of the founders and manages communication, marketing and customer relationship.
Julien Chandelle
Julien Chandelle Founder and Technical Director
Julien is one of the founders and is Technical Director at b71.
Amandine Godfroid
Amandine Godfroid Art Director
Amandine is Art Director at b71 and she creates visual concepts. She also is a 3D and texturing artist.
Giacomo Boucart
Giacomo Boucart Project Manager
Giacomo is project manager on several Video Mapping projects and he is also a 3D artist.
Ying Liu
Ying Liu Project Manager & Business Representative for China
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