Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get a MIRA terminal?

It depends on the number of terminals ordered and the virtual content you want. We estimate the delivery time on average to 3 months.

What happens after ordering MIRA?

We contact you to organize a first meeting and take care of your wishes for the virtual content and the different constraints of the site. We gather as much information as possible to start virtual content. Several other meetings will follow to refine the project with you.

Who is MIRA for?

MIRA is aimed at all audiences and allows everyone to see and understand history from a new angle and in a completely new way.

Virtual content? What is it exactly?

Whether it’s images or a movie, the content is a 360 ° environment that gives you the feeling of being immersed in a new environment – an immersion into the past, the future or a completely reinvented world.

It can also be images filmed with a 360 ° camera.

How much does it cost to create virtual content?

It depends on your project. We can create an entire city at a certain time but also some houses around a square with animated characters. These different elements are specific and have a cost of own creation. Contact us to discuss it.

How much is the maintenance of a terminal?

We provide you all this information on estimate.

How much does a terminal cost?

Contact us for a free quote in 48H.


Can I have a discount if I order multiple terminals?

Yes. We make you an estimate under 48H with a reduction corresponding to the number of terminals ordered.


Can I customize my terminal?

Yes, it is quite possible to customize your terminal with your logo and the desired visuals. The color of the paint is also customizable among a wide range of colors.