Virtual Worlds

The 360 ​​° virtual content is unique and is created by our team with care. It is designed in consultation with you based on plans, iconography or general documentation of the subject. . Our work is based on analyzes and popularizations in consultation with experts (historians, architects, …). The content can take the form of images or films.

1. Pre-production

Pre-production is an important step in the creative process as it provides a solid foundation for creating 360 ° virtual content (movies or images). It allows our team to collect all the documentation necessary for the development of the project (plans, photos, iconographies, …) during meetings we organize. The team then collaborates with historians and / or various experts to validate the historical work. Atmosphere, character design, script, storyboard and animatic concepts are then created to preview the film as a whole.

Once Step 1 is validated, we can go to Step 2: Creating Virtual Content.

2. Creating Virtual Content

The creation of virtual content is based on several infographic techniques such as 3D modeling, color and texture, lighting, special effects and 2D and 3D animation supervised by the project manager and the art director. These techniques will be used to create sets (trees, objects, nature, …) and buildings based on the documentation collected in pre-production. They will also be used to create 3D characters and bring them to life. Next are the lighting, rendering and special effects stages that finalize the film.

Several validation meetings are held throughout the process to present the creative work steps. These presentations can be done on screen but also directly in a virtual reality headset.


3. Content Integration

Once the virtual content is created, we integrate the content in the Mira terminal that we deliver and install on the site. An appointment is organized to present you the final product.

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