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Animate your building, your car or any other object with Video Mapping!

See your mascot move on your living room table or in a virtual world.


You need animated content to promote your brand? We’re here.

Interact with technology thanks to our various visual solutions.


Since 2009, the b71 studio specializes in creating animated content for the Video Mapping on any media. The Video Mapping has emerged as a new medium, a powerful digital tool operating on real carriers, a building, an object, a car and sublimating your walls with light! This is a new way to create shows, it is augmented reality in its own way.

Video Mapping by b71 for the project "Coeur de ville en lumière" in Montpellier.
AR and VR services


Want to see your mascot move on your living room table or view and explore your architectural project on future building sites ? Explore new worlds or let discover the potential of your product ? We create immersive experiences in AR and VR for any kind of carrier.


Want to organize an event or to promote your brand with visual technologies? We can create videos in motion design or animate your events with Video Mapping.

We worked with the dancer and artist Okus.


We offer interactive solutions with various systems such as Microsoft Kinect, Intel RealSense or the Leap Motion. These solutions enable you for example to interact with a video or even with the latest technology trackers to adapt videos to moving objects. These interactive projects can fit into your events and thus provide 2.0 activities for your guests.

Our services in details

The management of each project is assigned internally to a project manager who is your single and main contact person. He is entitled to coordinate all aspects of the project from technical to artistic. It is our guarantee to ensure proper monitoring and project success.

The art direction supports the visual, aesthetic and artistic aspect of the project. It allows the project and the team to stay consistent with what was decided in advance. The art direction is working closely with the team, the project manager and the client.

b71 supports the Video Mapping logistics : locating, technical documentation, equipment rental with our partners, installation, administrative and technical coordination of the project … We work with professionals for the rental of equipment, the technical services, the staging, the live performances, etc.

After the creation of your Video Mapping project, we ensure the commissioning and on-site maintenance. This is the best way to ensure the final quality of the show.

The storyboarding and the script writing are two key elements of a production. They are made in the phase called pre-production at the very beginning of the project. This allows the team and the client to have a clear idea of the progress of the show, its intensity, the intention of the music, the timing … On that basis approved by all parties, production can begin. It is however not excluded that minor changes may occur to improve and enrich the show if this proves necessary and useful.

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The character design is part of the pre-production and is based on the graphic search of a character or a mascot. Several sketches and digital paintings are done to find the right forms, personalities, colours, features, positions the personage will have to best match the image of a brand, an event or a project in its globality. Once set, the character will be worked into its final appearance, in 2D or 3D and being animated, colorized …

We take care of the sound design for the projects we work on, because it is often based on a music that we create our images. We propose the creation of original music or not, recording of off voices, and the final mixing. Depending on requirements, we can also deal with broadcasting rights for the music used.

B71 helps in the realization of scenic design for the Video Mapping. Whether indoors or outdoors, we consider the design of your decor, of your scenery, of the elements composing it, of their shapes on which we can project images with the Mapping Video technique in order to sublimate your show or your event.

3D modeling is the creation of objects, characters or digital sceneries. Using pictures and technology of photogrammetry, we also make highly realistic 3D objects, usually difficult to remake based on maps such as sculptures for example.

Specialized in animation, b71 clearly has the resources to create animations in 2D or 3D, like characters, elements, realistic or abstract sceneries, motion design, … Animation gives life to your projects!

The video editing allow us to manipulate videos and is part of the post-production process including titling, colour correction, sound mixing, …


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